Thursday29 February 2024


Renewable energy (wind farms, photovoltaic plants, hydroelectric projects, biomass,) is increasingly at the forefront of investors’ interest, particularly in Greece. The renewable energy sector though, is highly regulated and requires extensive knowledge.

The firm provides advice on the legal and regulatory framework as well as the commercial legal issues of projects. We undertake legal work from the inception of an opportunity / investment and continue to work with our clients, domestic and foreign, institutional or not, well after an energy project has been built and is operational.

We are involved at each stage of a project’s life-cycle from inception (procurement and risk management) to implementation (project counsel). We advise owners, contractors, developers, operators, engineers and suppliers on the legal framework relating to the design and construction of power plants and energy facilities. We draft and negotiate procurement, engineering and construction agreements, operations and maintenance (O&M) agreements connection, sale or insurance contracts and undertake all negotiations with third parties and the Authorities. Our cooperation with research analysts and engineers allows us to understand better any financial, commercial and technical issues and to find the legal formulas to address any issues that come up during and after the construction stage of a project. 

We have recently assisted on a number of successful renewable energy transactions on structure, licensing, financing, due diligence and EPC contracts. Our broad experience in the support of renewable energy sources projects, gives us a competitive edge in this sector.