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Vera P. Alexandropoulou
Shipping Finance in Greece. In: Orestis Schinas, Carsten Grau, Max Johns, HSBA Handbook of Ship Finance, (Springer, 2015 edition (July 31, 2014, July 2014)) available here

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Vera P. Alexandropoulou, Phoebe Koundouri, Lydia Papadaki, Klimanthia Kontaxaki
New Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Ports: The Deep Demonstration in Maritime Hubs Project. In: Phobe Koundouri, The Ocean of Tomorrow (Springer International Publishing, 2021) available here

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Alexandropoulou, V. Kontaxaki, K. (2023)
Safety and Seaworthiness Challenges of MASS in the Shipping and Port Sector. In: Johansson, T.M., Fernández, J.E., Dalaklis, D., Pastra, A., Skinner, J.A. (eds) Autonomous Vessels in Maritime Affairs. Studies in National Governance and Emerging Technologies. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham available here


Journal Articles

Pastra, Aspasia & Johansson, Tafsir & Alexandropoulou, Vera & Trivyza, Nikoletta & Kontaxaki, Klimanthia. (2023)

Addressing the hazards of remote inspection techniques: a safety-net for vessel surveys. Law, Innovation and Technology. 1-34 available here

Vera Alexandropoulou, Tafsir Johansson, Klimanthia Kontaxaki, Aspasia Pastra & Dimitrios Dalaklis (2021)

Maritime remote inspection technology in hull survey & inspection: A synopsis of liability issues from a European Union context, Journal of International Maritime Safety, Environmental Affairs, and Shipping, 5:4, 184-195 available here

Vera P. Alexandropoulou (2014)

Real Estate Investment Companies (REICs) in Greece and their legislative reform under Laws 4141/2013 and 4209/2013, Greek Law Digest, 23 May 2014 available here

Article ‘Ports as Hubs for sustainable and smart mobility’

Business College of Athens Program Postgraduate Diploma SUSTAINABILITY IN SHIPPING in collaboration with Helmepa and the World Maritime University available here


Conference Papers

Vera Alexandropoulou and Andreas Papandreou (2020)

Sustainable Shipping and Ports: Levers of Change part of the Session Sustainable Blue Growth: Shipping and Ports presented at the International Conference on Sustainable Development 2020 Proceedings From ICSD 2020 – International Conference on Sustainable Development (

Vera P. Alexandropoulou, Andreas Papandreou and Mr. Spyrou (2019)

Futures Literacy Lab on Maritime Hubs’ (24th and 25th October 2019 workshop on the EIT Climate-KIC Deep Demonstration in Turku, Finland, information available here)

Vera Alexandropoulou, Phoebe Koundouri, Lydia Papadaki and Klimanthia Kontaxaki (2020)

‘New Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Ports: The Deep Demonstration in Maritime Hubs project’ No 2026, DEOS Working Papers from Athens University of Economics and Business (May 2020) available here

Lectures & Seminars

  • Moderator Mrs. Vera Alexandropoulou at the World Maritime University Forum ‘Overcoming Regulatory Barriers for Service Robotics in an Ocean Industry’ for Session 6 ‘Recommendations for Digital Reform: Ways Forward Capacity Building & Technology Transfer” held at the Danaos Research Centre Team, 16th February 2024 available here 
  • Talk by Mrs. Vera Alexandopoulou for the roundtable discussion on "Hellenic Initiatives for Clean Seas" in the context of the practical adoption of the principles of corporate responsibility for sustainable development and social welfare with the aim of informing the public, but also the wider promotion of Greek initiatives for the protection of the marine environment, WISTA Hellas (Union of Women of Shipping and Commerce), the second worldwide among all national WISTAs available here
  • Course Seminar for the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS) the Hellenic Maritime Centre by Vera P. Alexandropoulou entitled ‘GDPR in Shipping and the New Requirements for transferring personal data outside the EU’ May 2022
  • Lecture on the newly established master’s program entitled "Finance and Law in Energy Markets", offered by the Department of International and European Economic Studies of the Athens University of Economics and Business
  • Presentation at the 8th Conference on Regional Development
    Achaia Clauss, Patra, Greece
    2-5/7/2020 on the  "Towards Green Growth and Sustainable Development" available here 
  • Speech at the "Transition to a Carbon-Free Economy: Accelerating Innovation and Implementing the UN 2030 Agenda», Conference by Mrs. Vera Alexandropoulou Vice President Thalassa Foundation), held jointly with Mr. Andreas Papandreou Professor EKPA, co-president UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network and Katerina Pramatari Associate Professor OPA, UNI.FUND, available here 
  • Lecture for the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) entitled Sustainable ports/Shipping by Vera P. Alexandropoulou on the Master’s Program ‘Energy and Law’ Full Course programme
  • Lecture for the Project EMEA MENA MARITIME Accelerator by Vera P. Alexandropoulou for ΤΑΙΠΕΔ (Fund for the utilization of private property of the public) entitled 
    "About ports, the European and International regulatory framework towards a sustainable transition” delivered to Port Managers The third seminar on Port Organizations, Municipal Port Funds, and marina managers on the topic: "The institutional framework of sustainability and circular economy in commercial and tourist ports" available here 
  • Lecture for DNV Maritime Academy entitled Data Protection and Cybersecurity in Shipping by Vera P. Alexandropoulou and Mary Pothitos
  • Seminar for Hellenic Management Centre on GDPR in Shipping by Vea P. Alexandropoulou and Mary Pothitos available here 
  • Lecture for Impact Hub Athens entitled ‘Green ports practices:
    How can OLP (PPA) act as a catalyst towards a net zero emission carbon footprint inside the port area?’ By Vera P. Alexandropoulou and other facilitators, available here 
  • Jury Advisor for Startups on the Elevate Greece Programme. 
  • Mentoring for Blue Growth Programme, information available here
  • Moderation by Mrs. Vera Alexandropoulou as Vice President of the Thalassa Foundation at the World Maritime University (WMU) - Sasakawa Global Ocean Institute (GOI) which hosted the first BUGWRIGHT2 Senior Advisory Group Meeting, “Overcoming Regulatory Barriers For Service Robotics in an Ocean Industry Context” ( On 12 April 2022) available here